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Silks are a beautiful and dramatic spectacle, showcasing elegance, strength, and drama as the performer creates stunning lines and performs daring drops.

Silks can be performed solo, synchronised, as a doubles act or as the unique Spinning Silks act.



Aerial Hoop acts can be performed solo, synchronised or as a doubles act. Fast spins, rotations around the hoop and the ability to be lifted into the air make aerial hoop a dynamic and mesmerising act to watch.



Trapeze is one of the iconic images of the circus. It can be performed static, swinging, spinning; as a solo and as a doubles act.



Rope is a clean, dynamic piece of equipment which highlights the shapes and movements of the performer, as they dance through the air and perform dramatic drops and dynamic beats. Available as a solo, synchronised or doubles act.


Aerial sphere

Two performers move together in a fast-spinning metal orb.