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Christmas Lights Switch-On Circus Entertainment


Circus Suburbia provided an assortment of circus performers to celebrate Kingston's Christmas Lights when the circus came to town.
The most stylish Christmas stilt walkers


Kingston's Christmas Lights celebration is always themed around the show which runs throughout the Christmas period at the Rose Theatre, so when the circus came to town, we provided walkabout circus acts to bring Kingston's shopping centre to life!


Stilt walkers are always a hit walkabout act in crowded events, as they tower above guests to provide a striking visual, but are also highly interactive.


We provided the best Christmas stilt walkers there are, with classy Christmas Belles who also perform peels of Christmas tunes on hand held bells. Their vintage style means they look like they've just stepped off a Christmas tree.


We also provided Snow stilt walkers, elegant and beautiful ladies dressed in faux fur as they glide around wintery settings.

Cheeky gentleman acrobats stole the show


The three moustached gentlemen we invited to perform acrobatics in Kingston, conquered the town with their flattery, flirtatiousness, cheeky inuendos, brave acrobatics and regular displays of muscle.


They brought a smile to everyone who saw them, and even managed to get onto the local radio.


Dancing clown mime - timeless entertainment



There is something special about seeing a performer who has perfected their act and character. The clown mime we provided combined the classic skills of mime, comedy and tap dancing in a performance that was joyous to watch.


Kingston Christmas Lights Poster
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