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Feltham Arts


Circus Suburbia works with Feltham Arts to programme high quality circus acts and inclusive circus workshops for town centre events aimed at families.
Feltham Arts is a wonderfully supportive and friendly organisation, bringing together Feltham's community and providing a variety of activities for The Centre, Feltham.

Space, light, height.

A Winter's Night Carnival



Beautiful costumes, unique acts. Circus Suburbia has programmed a variety of glow and light-up circus acts for Feltham's most magical event.


A glow drummer and illuminated stilt walkers have led the procession of lanterns through the town centre.

An LED poi show on stilts dazzled audiences in the town centre square in 2014.

In 2015 two jugglers in glow suits promise to amaze this year's crowds.

A Winter's Night Carnival Circus Suburbia 2014
Where Style Reigns
Regal Entertainment in the Royal Borough

Our second bespoke circus show for the Bentall Centre fosuced on their advertising campaign, Where Style Reigns.


A dramatic Maleficent music track drew the attention of shoppers to three regal queens in red, with choreography allowing the performers to make eye contact with shoppers and introduce the haughty characters. The next track changed the atmosphere again, bringing the energy of Alice in Wonderland's Red Queen to the dramatic drops and spins on silks.


The use of well known characters and soundtracks brought the centre's campaign to a family audience as they shopped throughout the Saturday.

Summer Breeze
Highlighting the International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston

Summer Breeze was a joyous celebration of the youth arts festival and summer time.


Two of our youth circus students who have been working towards becoming professional performers were given the opportunity to perform silks in the centre, without mats, giving them valuable experience and an amazing feeling.


We put Starfiz's unique Spinning Silks act in the circular promotions space which shoppers can see from almost every corner of the centre. The circular movements of the silks flowed beautifully as daring moves and elegant shapes entranced shoppers in a moment of calm.

circus suburbia logo by rosie hardwick
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