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Valentines Masked Ball on Raven's Ait Island

In 2017, Masks and Basques returned to Kingston, this time on the island in Surbiton.

Raven's Ait is usually a wedding venue, however Creative Brain Events hosted a Valentines party with themes of sin and revenge.

Circus Suburbia programmed the circus acts which elevated the burlesque event to new heights with skill, danger and sensuality.

Guests travelled by boat from the river banks to the island. Walking up the grand stone steps, they were welcomed by masked fire performers and a stilt walker manipulating fire props.


An Eve human statue tempted guests with a succulent red apple, and handsome strong men posed, flirted and lifted guests.

Stage acts included a cheeky contortion lion, a sensual acrobatic duet with body burning and wax. An LED hula hoop act transfixed the audience, then a comedy male strip act featuring extreme acrobatics delighted with skill, humour and perfectly delivered hairography. The finale for the night was a high energy cyr wheel act.

The First Cabaret

Circus Suburbia pulled together the best entertainers in the London circus scene to fill the Rose Theatre Kingston with the most sensual, beautiful, weird and wonderful circus acts it had ever seen.


Created by Aniela Zaba and Robin Hutchinson, Masks and Basques was a burlesque cabaret night on a grand scale, with the main auditorium and bar area seeing a variety of entertainment throughout the night.


Guests saw the first outing of the now hugely popular La Luna, a freestanding aerial hoop, on which the performer welcomed guests to the bar area with fluid and elegant moves.


A cheeky and sexy aerial hoop act was performed by Starfiz aerial duo.


Bitter & Twisted Burlesque performed sensual and sometimes comedic pole acts.


A trio of strong men travelled all the way from Cornwall to show of their guns and lay on a bed of nails.


The final circus act was a comedy horse fetish extravaganza featuring pole, acrobatics, whip cracking and silks.

Masks and Basques


The grandest cabaret ever to come to Kingston.
Circus Suburbia provided themed circus acts for stage and walkabout.
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