These stunning, regal characters represent the sun and the moon, dawn and dusk. Bejewelled by day, illuminated by night.




cool britannia




glitter belles



These feminine circus stilt characters are a stylish addition to any circus themed event. They love garden parties and birthday parties too.

Union Jack themed stilt characters to represent the Best of British, in a stylish, vintage fashion.

Spooky Halloween characters, these ghostly stilt walkers are elegant as well as eerie.

Bubbly, sparkly Glitter Belles come in red, silver and gold. Especially popular at Christmas time, they also work well at sci-fi, space, high tech and fantasy events.


lady in white

With classical, elegant lines and a fabulous hairpiece, the Lady in White is a stylish guest at any event. For evening events she is subtly illuminated.







Fully programmable LED costumes, which can be teamed with flags, feathers or LED poi.

These magical creatures are lit up with LED and fibre optic lights. Almost floating through crowds, they are perfect for light festivals, Christmas events, sea themed, fantasy and fairytale events.

Stylish, playful and armed with bubble-guns. The Sailors are family friendly, sassy and fun. Perfect for nautical / seaside themed events.




Fantastical creatures from the sea, the sirens are perfect for sea themed events. At night time the Mermaidens are illuminated.

The Hummingbirds flutter and sparkle when they move. The head pieces are removable so that the performer can use it as a puppet.


snow foxes



Classy, stylish and timeless, the Snow stilt walkers are a gorgeous addition to any Christmas, winter or snow themed event.

With beautifully soft fur, the ability to be lit up and gorgeous mask headpieces, the Snow Foxes are magical in winter themed event, Christmas events, for fantasy and fairytale themes and family events.

Glamorous and stylish Black Swan stilt walkers bring an eye-catching element of drama to fantasy, fairytale, garden party and animal themed events.